I'm Nik Sudan - a creator of things based in London.

I like to make short, fun, and weird games in a pixelated style.

By day, I work for a web agency called Forge.

I write a lot of music too, dabbling in all sorts of instruments and styles.

There's bound to be something here that you'd like!

See all of my stuff, or get in touch.

  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
    • December
      • House of Hauntings

        The soundtrack for the Haunted House level of Blanco: The Color of Adventure. This was based on a chiptune piece for the level originally written by GameBoy Advantage.
      • The Clamour

        A darker, cinematic piece all revolving around the central piano track. Inspired by the piano works of Trent Reznor.
      • BGelF Toy Trouble

        A frenetic race to help Santa stuff his sacks with toys in time for Christmas. Seemingly simple yet dangerously addictive. Mobile game developed for investment firm BGF.
      • Imperfect Manner

        A piece that blossomed around an electric piano riff I came up with a few months ago. It's a calming but groovy little track that immerses you in a nice little soundscape.
    • November
      • Place in my Heart

        A cover of a song by Taylor McFerrin and RYAT. I came up with a piano version of it and decided to record my rendition.
      • Transcendence

        An ambient piece inspired by the soundtrack of Blade Runner. This piece is a single take and instrument, and was entirely improvised.
    • October
      • Boozy Blundering

        You've only got one shot of alcohol in your system - will this be enough to convince four bar patrons that you're off your rockers, or will they see through your lack of intake and oust you? Originally created in 48 hours for the GM48 Game Jam with a theme of "One Shot".
      • Psychosis

        A sinister track, conveying descent into madness. Originally composed for an apocalyptic game.
    • September
      • Risk Ahoy!

        Mobile game made in collaboration with the UK P&I Club to raise awareness of risks at sea. Test your skills and powers of observation as you avoid hazards, make decisions and maintain your ship in this fast-paced, arcade experience. Highly commended at the Safety at Sea Awards 2018.
    • June
    • May
      • FNAFJOLT

        Twitter bot that tweets the latest Five Nights at Freddy's fangames.
    • April
      • butt

        Discord bot that farts at you.
    • February
      • lemongen

        Funny face generator based on the style of a series of comics I used to draw. Made in a couple of hours.
    • January
      • Introduction to JavaScript Package Managers

        Part of a series of tutorial articles on intermediate JavaScript development. This one covers the use of package managers in environments.
      • Introduction to Node.js

        Part of a series of tutorial articles on intermediate JavaScript development. This one covers moving from Vanilla JS to Node.JS.
  • 2016
    • November
    • October
      • DevRPG

        An experiment made in collaboration with Frank Martin that tracks commits from source control and awards you with experience points.
    • September
    • July

        Short little therapeutic game where you must header balls in the air to get points. How many can you keep up?
      • Jolt Cast - Episode 1

        A indie game podcast by the community at Game Jolt. Talks about game development, indie games, and more.
    • June
    • May
    • April
    • February
      • Memory

        A mellow, acoustic track I created for a laid back roadtrip video.
      • Western Wind

        I found the score for a very old composition of mine when I was still taking musical Keyboard grades. I converted this hectic piano piece into a even more hectic chiptune piece.
  • 2015
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    • October
    • September
      • Ahriman's Treasure

        After having found a magical, flying carpet, you must flee the Temple of Ahriman as it collapses.Avoid obstacles and gather the rare treasure of Ahriman on the way.
      • Super Amazing Quest

        Rob van Saaze's epic journey of a hero who decided to dedicate his life to saving princesses. I wrote the soundtrack for this game.
    • August
      • Lokopolis

        Procedurally generated adventure where you must collect as many treasures are you can before you perish! Watch out for devious traps, and a Cyclops that guards the place.
      • MiniJolt

        A compilation of minigames made in collaboration with John Wallie and various members of the Game Jolt community.
    • July
      • Zerox Residuum

        A robotic race known as the Zerox have taken over the Earth, turning it into a wasteland. Many are killed. You must take back what was yours by destroying the robotic menace!

        Poop by pressing space. The longer you hold space the bigger it grows. The bigger a poop the more XP you get. Make your poop macho!
    • June
      • Zebra Hunt

        Out in the savannah, a lonesome hunter awakens. He must hunt the Zebra of the wild, and eat to prevent himself from perishing.
    • May
      • PIPTRIP

        A brightly coloured shoot-em-up, where each wave has slightly randomised ships for you to fly around and survive in.
      • The Legend of Zalda

        You are put in the shoes of the legendary hero, Lonk. Help him save the world of Hyrail from the dark forces of Gernon, or else!
    • April
      • Requiem

        Take control of a musician trapped in an unfamiliar place. The soundtrack progresses as you uncover your fate.
    • March
      • Dracaeli

        Control the Defensive Unit of Mars and protect it from Asteroids and Space Dragons alike.
    • February
      • Maelstrom Redemption

        A energetic chiptune piece I originally wrote for a project of mine that never saw the light of day.
    • January
  • 2012
  • 2011
    • December
      • The Almighty Annihilation

        Destroy the entire population of the Earth with meteorites and lightning strikes to overcome loneliness.
    • November
      • Noob Battle

        Control noobs wielding rocket launchers who are trying to kill each other.
    • September
    • July
      • Guardian of the Skykeep

        Protect the legendary Skykeep from a vicious fleet of sky pirates in this tower defence game.
    • February
      • Rhythmic

        Colourful shoot-em-up where every action is synced to the beat of the song. Sprites by Rob van Saaze.
      • Genesis

        Control a micro colony of people, and help them thrive or die by creating whatever you want.
    • January
  • 2010
    • December
    • September
      • Retro Blaster

        Fly through a randomly generated level whilst oncoming enemies try to stop you.
    • February
      • Satanic Warrior

        Control Hell's finest warrior as he purges the forces of the devil with an arsenal of weapons.