I'm Nik Sudan - a creator of things based in London.

I like to make short, fun, and weird games in a pixelated style.

By day, I work for a web agency called Digital Results.

I write a lot of music too, dabbling in all sorts of instruments and styles.

There's bound to be something here that you'd like!

See all of my stuff, or get in touch.

  • 2017
    • On My Plate
      • Beargame

        A game about a bear, coming soon for PC and Mac.
      • Bedroll

        View Basecamp todos in your menubar.
    • October
    • September
      • Risk Ahoy!

        Mobile game made in collaboration with the UK P&I Club to raise awareness of risks at sea. Test your skills and powers of observation as you avoid hazards, make decisions and maintain your ship in this fast-paced, arcade experience.
    • June
    • May
      • FNAFJOLT

        Twitter bot that tweets the latest Five Nights at Freddy's fangames.
    • April
      • butt

        Discord bot that farts at you.
    • February
      • lemongen

        Funny face generator based on the style of a series of comics I used to draw. Made in a couple of hours.
    • January
      • Introduction to JavaScript Package Managers

        Part of a series of tutorial articles on intermediate JavaScript development. This one covers the use of package managers in environments.
      • Introduction to Node.js

        Part of a series of tutorial articles on intermediate JavaScript development. This one covers moving from Vanilla JS to Node.JS.
  • 2016
    • November
    • October
      • DevRPG

        An experiment made in collaboration with Frank Martin that tracks commits from source control and awards you with experience points.
    • September
    • July

        Short little therapeutic game where you must header balls in the air to get points. How many can you keep up?
      • Jolt Cast - Episode 1

        A indie game podcast by the community at Game Jolt. Talks about game development, indie games, and more.
    • June
    • May
    • April
    • February
      • Memory

        A mellow, acoustic track I created for a laid back roadtrip video.
      • Western Wind

        I found the score for a very old composition of mine when I was still taking musical Keyboard grades. I converted this hectic piano piece into a even more hectic chiptune piece.
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
    • December
    • November
    • October
    • September
      • Ahriman's Treasure

        After having found a magical, flying carpet, you must flee the Temple of Ahriman as it collapses.Avoid obstacles and gather the rare treasure of Ahriman on the way.
      • Super Amazing Quest

        Rob van Saaze's epic journey of a hero who decided to dedicate his life to saving princesses. I wrote the soundtrack for this game.
    • August
      • Lokopolis

        Procedurally generated adventure where you must collect as many treasures are you can before you perish! Watch out for devious traps, and a Cyclops that guards the place.
      • MiniJolt

        A compilation of minigames made in collaboration with John Wallie and various members of the Game Jolt community.
    • July
      • Zerox Residuum

        A robotic race known as the Zerox have taken over the Earth, turning it into a wasteland. Many are killed. You must take back what was yours by destroying the robotic menace!

        Poop by pressing space. The longer you hold space the bigger it grows. The bigger a poop the more XP you get. Make your poop macho!
    • June
      • Zebra Hunt

        Out in the savannah, a lonesome hunter awakens. He must hunt the Zebra of the wild, and eat to prevent himself from perishing.
    • May
      • PIPTRIP

        A brightly coloured shoot-em-up, where each wave has slightly randomised ships for you to fly around and survive in.
      • The Legend of Zalda

        You are put in the shoes of the legendary hero, Lonk. Help him save the world of Hyrail from the dark forces of Gernon, or else!
    • April
      • Requiem

        Take control of a musician trapped in an unfamiliar place. The soundtrack progresses as you uncover your fate.
    • March
      • Dracaeli

        Control the Defensive Unit of Mars and protect it from Asteroids and Space Dragons alike.
    • February
      • Maelstrom Redemption

        A energetic chiptune piece I originally wrote for a project of mine that never saw the light of day.
    • January
  • 2012
  • 2011
    • December
      • The Almighty Annihilation

        Destroy the entire population of the Earth with meteorites and lightning strikes to overcome loneliness.
    • November
      • Noob Battle

        Control noobs wielding rocket launchers who are trying to kill each other.
    • September
    • July
      • Guardian of the Skykeep

        Protect the legendary Skykeep from a vicious fleet of sky pirates in this tower defence game.
    • February
      • Rhythmic

        Colourful shoot-em-up where every action is synced to the beat of the song. Sprites by Rob van Saaze.
      • Genesis

        Control a micro colony of people, and help them thrive or die by creating whatever you want.
    • January
  • 2010
    • December
    • September
      • Retro Blaster

        Fly through a randomly generated level whilst oncoming enemies try to stop you.
    • February
      • Satanic Warrior

        Control Hell's finest warrior as he purges the forces of the devil with an arsenal of weapons.